Product Management

Renting of your property

About this service

  • Should you wish us to rent your property for you, we will act as your agents and answer all emails, enquiries and questions from prospective and booked guests.  ACS will also prepare all requirements including transport, complimentary food packs, linen and towels, and any other arrangement, as required.
  • We will also assist you, if required, with the MTA application and follow-up to obtaining the necessary permits for the rental of your property.
  • Prior to each arrival, your property will be checked and prepared for your guests
  • We will greet all your clients for viewing if and when required
  • Scheduling of house-keeping
  • An inventory is carried out on each arrival
  • Collection of rent and damage guarantee deposit
  • Deal with any concerns or complaints
  • Collection of monies due to your guests for the use of water and electricity, as per consumption
  • ACS will meet, greet, and check-in your guests, and will also be present to check-out your tenants on their departure date during which time inspection of the property is also carried out (any damages caused by your guests will be paid for from the damage deposit guarantee money with us)
  • ACS will also represent you during condominium/common area meetings
  • 24/7 helpline availability by ACS for emergency requirements