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Property Maintenance and Services

About this service

Throughout the course and duration of each tenancy in your property, we will conduct regular internal and external inspections. These inspections help to ensure that tenants are maintaining the property, as well as detect any minor maintenance issues that may arise. Should your property require any maintenance works, we will inform you about this and provide you with a quote; our services will also include overseeing that such maintenance is undertaken in a professional manner. Repairs are closely monitored for quality and that the work is carried out so as to cause as little inconvenience to you or your tenants as possible.


Because our organization covers a vast range of projects and operations, you will be pleased to note that most of the services provided are run and administered directly by ACS, and not out-sourced to other parties, thus allowing us to provide you with very cost-effective quotes and prices. At the same time, contractors proposed or assigned by ACS to carry out works in your property, are all certified, professional, and equally important, tried and tested, thus ensuring optimum and satisfactory results and workmanship.