Product Management

General overview

The principal objectives and philosophies of ACS Property Management are to provide a personal, pro-active and efficient service combining our extensive knowledge base and experience, guaranteeing a professional approach throughout.

Our focus is to protect your investment by ensuring that your property remains attractive and desirable through meticulous attention to detail in maintenance, and implementing periodic inspections in order to prevent rather than to fix problems.

We also understand what the Landlord wants and needs from the management of his property, and towards this aim, we will work to minimize expenses and maximise income; we will keep you, the Landlord, up to date with what is going to affect your investment; ACS Property Management will implement your instructions to the letter; and follow-up with your tenants to collect rentals according to the arrangements made, while also ensuring that your property is maintained by your tenant.

We will also aim to rent your property to the most suitable tenant as quickly and efficiently as possible in an effort to maintain and enhance your investment.