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All About All Clean Services

The All Clean Services Malta team provides commercial and residential cleaning services for a variety of clients, including private residences, restaurants, hotels and offices. Services include first time cleaning after the completion of turnkey projects, window cleaning and intensive cleaning using a high-pressure jet and bowser.


Experienced in cleaning floors with different finishings, such as wood, tile and concrete, and windows, walls and more, clients may benefit from experienced workers, as well as maintenance services, to keep their property looking its best.

One-off & Contract Cleaning

All Clean Services Ltd does its utmost to provide a quality service to all clients, regardless of the size of the job. Whether clients are looking for a one-off cleaning service or contract cleaning, All Clean Services can work around clients’ requirements are to figure out a plan of action that is most effective. Free on-site quotations are given, and services are available 24/7 hours a day.


Keeping your property or space clean and fresh takes more than a deep clean every few months. All Clean Services offers maintenance services that involve regular cleaning to ensure a hygienic, presentable property.

All Clean Services Malta believes that a loyal client is one of the best assets any company can have. Keeping clients happy and returning for more business is an aspect of customer care that All Clean Services takes seriously. Providing quality services carried out by professional employees who are not only knowledgeable and polite but aim to deliver according to clients’ requirements has resulted in All Clean Services building a solid reputation for itself as a leader in its industry.

ACS is a young company which was only set up in 2015 with the aim of providing cleaning services and other related activities to the business, domestic and hospitality industries. Despite its young age, projections were soon surpassed and what was initially an undertaking with a low number of employees, soon evolved into a much larger and vibrant activity. The result for this increase in business was not only at par with the local market environment but was also due to sound planning, a professional approach, and positive management practices.


In view of the constant changes and requirements by property owners in Malta’s fast-growing economic climate, resulting in a demanding lifestyle with more people engaged in their work and private endeavours, good quality of life is sometimes all the more difficult to achieve. A balance between work and family is always sought but not necessarily realistic or attainable. This is where we come in.


The management of your property, and as a consequence, the security of what probably is your most prized asset, has rapidly become a necessity and which is no longer considered a luxury. This has led owners to ask themselves whether such an undertaking can be conducted internally (adding further pressure to an already stressful everyday life) or to delegate this to third parties.

A new partnership between ACS and one of Malta’s professional holiday home management set-ups has been created with the sole purpose of providing an added service to both the local and foreign communities on the island. This opportunity is also particularly geared for property owners who live abroad and who need a trusted and tested set-up to cater to their needs while being away from the island.


Also backed by one of the island’s leading companies in the construction, turn-key, planning and maintenance fields, we aim to provide our clients with a comprehensive, direct, timely and efficient service to cater for the management of your property. The idea of such a partnership does not intend to eliminate the middlemen but instead does away with the expense and the commission related to such an engagement. Because all works, whatever the requirement, are carried out in-house under the same organization umbrella and not out-sourced to other contractors, all activities are executed at a more cost-effective and economical price.


The ultimate result is, we don’t cut corners, we cut costs….. with you in mind.

Tired of searching for new qualified employees, room attendants, housekeeping staff, cleaners, waiters and factory workers? All Clean Services Ltd. is here to help. We are a manpower provider that will provide you with trained employees in a short given time thanks to our staff sourcing capabilities. Efficient, hardworking and fluent English speaking is the common denominator across all of the staff we provide. Here below are some of the few but commonly needed positions that All Clean Services can fulfil for your business:


  • Room attendants
  • Housekeeping staff
  • Carers
  • Cleaners
  • Dish Washers
  • Waiters
  • Receptionists
  • Factory workers
  • Operators


All Clean Services Ltd. can be your one-stop-shop in providing excellent employees with excellent customer service. What are you waiting for? Contact us for more information.